Our Selection

We are a team of professional's from the world of interior decoration, fashion, art and we share a passion for mountain paintings.

After various work experiences in different areas, we have decided to pool our skills to give birth to Mountain Gallery.

Located in the heart of the Alps, we select for you original works from mountain painters and from famous ceramist from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Our experience in this field, developped over many years, allows us to spot, thanks to the advice of experts, works at private individuals, auction houses and exhibitions.

We are pleased to present to you a wealth and variety of artists which have been able to convey their feelings and know how in the production of original works. You will find big names of mountain painting such as L. Poignant, M. Wibault, J. Communal, C.H. Contencin, F. Cariffa, A. Abrate, M. Mergier, E. Simonod ...

We only select referenced and highly-rated artists.

The Mountain Gallery website is dedicated to the art lovers, to the collectors, to the private individuals who wish to surround themselves with unique objects.